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We are connected to our past, committed to our future, and compassionately focused on being a Family of Faith with something for everyone.
St Mary of the Visitation Parish Mission projects are projects dedicated to influencing our world for Christ

St Mary of the Visitation Parish Mission projects are projects dedicated to influencing our world for Christ. We mobilize our community to grow in relationship with God through service opportunities with our local, national, and international strategic partners.

We believe that Missions is all about relationships – connecting people in our community with those outside our church. Jesus told us to be witnesses to the ends of the earth, starting with our own neighborhood. At St Mary of the Visitation we do this by creating partnerships locally, nationally, and internationally. We believe these relationship will become a way that God will use to change the lives of others. 

St Mary of the Visitation Parish Mission projects  are undertaken through a vision of strategic partnerships. We're not out to create new ministries but to partner with the works God is already blessing. We're aiming to focus strategically on a few excellent partnerships, not spread out our resources across many different efforts.

International Missions

  • Jeremie, Haiti
  • Meru, Kenya, Africa
  • Bethlehem

Our Missions Partners are: Chalice, Canadian Food for Children, Oblates of Mary Immaculate, Daughters of Charity and the Diocese of Hamilton

Local Missions

Service Saturdays


The emphasis for all St Mary of the Visitation Missions short-term trips is not on building things that might require special skills but on building relationships – everyone can participate! You’ll see each trip has a brief description and all our trips involve a lot of relationship building activities. Our most recent trip was our Mission Trip to Haiti from November 3-11, 2015. For 2016, a young adult from the parish represented us during a 3 month exposure tour in Haiti from May - July, 2016. 

So glad to announce that two new Mission Trips are in the works:

More Details Very Soon 

Check out our Haiti Mission Video

Check Out our Haiti Mission Video


Check back soon! Applications will be available shortly for another missions experience  - putting the Works of Mercy into Action!.